Just opposite to the main square stands the convention center of the Syrrako village, built 5 years ago. It has a capacity of 100 persons with modern technical audio and video equipment, where many events, meetings, conferences and exhibitions have been hosted from time to time.

The layout of the space is organized in a special way in order to provide multiple possibilities of organizing social events, business conferences, corporate presentations, seminars and workshops and any other activity.


During the summer, many traditional local festivals take place in the main square of the village which is a remnant of old tradition and ritual. These festivals compose by old local songs and special dances with their traditional tone and meter that go back centuries ago. Characteristic dances of the area are: “patitos”, “syrtos”, “tsamikos” and “synkathistos”. Moreover, a very interesting element is the dancer’s arrangement, with the double and even triple line of women in front of the men. It is worth saying that Syrrako village is very known throughout Greece for it’s outstanding dancers. Many visitors around Greece choose to visit the village during the days of the feast, when the can enjoy traditional dances.The local fairs take place on June 29th, July 20th, August 6th and August 15th, lasting from one to three days.