“Syrrakohotel” is accommodated in the most impressive three-store stone building of the whole region. It was built around 100 years ago and for several decades it used to be the Primary School of the Village. In 2004, the Old Primary School was renovated and transformed to “Syrrako Hotel”. The hotel requires 9 spacious rooms and 1 suite, with 26 beds on the whole. The decoration, which is inspired by traditional elements exudes warmth and elegance. Experience a unique trip to an extraordinary region and relax near the fireplace, enjoying the magnificent view of Tzoymerka mountains. The traditional architecture, the uniqueness of each room, the modern cosiness and the excellent service promise you a unforgettable stay!

Enjoy a traditional greek breakfast served in our comfortable dining room, overlooking the Tzoumerka Mountains. Our visitors have the opportunity to taste a traditional, homemade breakfast composed of fresh and carefully selected products. Syrrakohotel’s breakfast comprize: greek mountain tea, juice, milk, all varieties of coffee, fresh eggs, traditional cheeses of the Epirus region, pies, homemade “trachana: (traditional recipe), delicious pancakes with honey.